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Our Clinic

Seattle Integrative Medicine is a private integrated health clinic located in the University District in Seattle, Washington. We offer whole person care for people with acute and chronic illnesses as well as help individuals take an active role in prevention.

Seattle Integrative Medicine is the independent practices of Drs. Marco Vespignani, Laurie Mischley, Samantha Evans, Melissa McCarty, and Christian Dodge


We bring together the very best that medicine has to offer from conventional diagnostic assessment and treatment to complementary and alternative therapies. We are available to correspond with our patients' other providers to optimize the quality and consistency of their care.


We approach the person as a whole — body, mind and spirit. This is the heart of integrated medicine.


Our goal is to learn from great thinkers in medicine and to incorporate intuition and wisdom into the medicine we practice. The providers at SIM do not define themselves by any particular approach or condition. While fluent in conventional standards of care, our strength is in the diversity of therapies we offer.


We take a forward-thinking approach to our patients in the way that we view their condition. Drawing from diverse resources, keeping abreast of current literature, and conducting research on emerging therapies are among the ways we demonstrate our commitment to the evolution of medicine.

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