the annex

SIM - annex

This is our additional practice space. The annex is located two buildings south of our home clinic at 5312 Roosevelt Way, and is currently where you can find Drs. Moyaert, Evans and Vespignani

*Please note*

the annex is not wheelchair accessible. If you have accessibility needs, please contact us and we will ensure that your appointment is at our home clinic.

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5322 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206.525.8012
Fax: 206.525.8013

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If you are an established patient, you can make an appointment at

If you are a new patient, or scheduling a new visit for a family member, please call our receptionist at 206.525.8012.

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To access the high quality supplements in our pharmacy, use our password: SIMPHARMACY